Schedule of Fees
Schedule of Fees
Non-Sufficient/Overdraft Fee **
Closing Account (before 90 days) $25.00
Collections (Domestic) $15.00
Collections (International) $25.00
Subpoena/Garnishment/Tax Levy $75.00
Account Research (per hour) $20.00
IRA Processing Fee

$50.00 (for transferring funds to another institution)

Transfer Fee $5.00 per transfer
Statement Balancing Fee $20.00 per hour with $20.00 minimum
Return Deposit Item (Domestic) $5.00
Return Deposit Item (Foreign) $10.00

** Created by check, in-person withdrawal, ATM withdrawal, or other electronic means.


Miscellaneous Fees
Cashier's Check Fee $10.00
Stop Payment Fee $30.00
Check Copies $1.00
Duplicate Statement Fee
$3.00 per statement
Photocopies (per page) $1.00
Cash Management (monthly fee) $50.00
Remote Deposit Capture (monthly fee) $50.00


Night Deposits
Plastic Bags (per 100 bags) $20.00
Zipper Bag $5.00 Each
Night Drop Bags $25.00 Each


Wire Transfer
Outgoing - Domestic Wire Fee $25.00

Outgoing - International Fee

(available to commercial customers only)

$50.00 Min (Varies)

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