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PLEASE NOTE: First Florida Bank will not be distributing K-1 tax statements this year.  As the Bank converted from a sub-S corporation to a C-corporation in 2009, K-1’s will no longer be issued.  Additionally, please note that no taxes are due on your part for the shares you own when filing your taxes this year.  Thank you.

2010 Financial Highlights

First Quarter 2010
Second Quarter 2010

Third Quarter 2010

Fourth Quarter 2010

2011 Financial Highlights

First Quarter 2011
Second Quarter 2011
Third Quarter 2011
Fourth Quarter 2011

2012 Financial Highlights

First Quarter 2012
Second Quarter 2012
Third Quarter 2012
Fourth Quarter 2012

2013 Financial Highlights

First Quarter 2013
Second Quarter 2013
Third Quarter 2013
Fourth Quarter 2013

2014 Financial Highlights

First Quarter 2014
Second Quarter 2014
Third Quarter 2014

Have you heard? First Florida Bank is now offering an 18 Month CD with a Fixed Rate of 1.30% APY. Click here for more details! Please note effective Monday, August 4, 2014, we will no longer be open until 6:00 pm. Our hours of operation will be Monday to Friday: 8:30 am to 5:00 pm. Additionally, on Saturdays, our drive-thru lanes will still be open 9 am to Noon, but our lobby will no longer be open on Saturdays. Thank you.  Have you heard?  You can now earn rewards with your First Florida Bank credit card.  Visit today to register your card!